Bicultural Services


The purpose of these Bicultural Services is to be able and help different communities succeed to the best of their abilities while creating welcoming spaces and events for all. The bilingual materials serve as a great tool to help the Latine community gain resources from and outside of our libraries while still allowing our patrons to feel welcomed by seeing materials that are created for them. Alongside materials creating key cultural events are crucial in the growth of all our communities. It allows for patrons of all ages to embrace their culture, but also share their traditions with other members who may have not celebrated or participated in these events in the past. It is important to make these events as culturally competent and respectful as possible. Día events are some of the most common cultural events within libraries, but there are always many other events that can be held throughout the year. Throughout this landing page there will be resources and opportunities to be able and help make your library as welcoming as can be.

Timeline of Latine Holidays

Ismael Mendoza

Ismael Mendoza Medina

Bilingual/ Bicultural Project Coordinator
Email / 208-639-4140
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