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World Cafe in Second Life

Well, if you can't attend an actual World Cafe conversation, why not attend a virtual one? The good folks at the World Cafe have just announced they're on Second Life!

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Pegasus - What's it about?

Well, after percolating and flinging about ideas as to what I learned at Pegasus, I suppose I should explain what I thought Pegasus was going to be like. See, I had this notion that Pegasus--and this was my first impression--was all about corporate thinking, maximizing profit, enhancing the profit machinery to produce faster; managerial best practices, keeping the employee performing at optimal levels, etcetera, etcetera. I mean, what would you think when you read sentences like this:

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Pegasus - It's about the brain

How Relationships Shape Our Brains—and Our Organizations
Elaine Johnson

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Pegasus - It's about fish

I attended a local Fish! workshop a couple of years ago at my library. I remember being excited about this because I have watched the fish mongers at the Pike Street Market fling fish and funny quips in equal measure. I can’t recall now what I got from the session those years ago, but I remember that the Fish! philosophy was innovative and fun.

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Pegasus - It's about radicals

On my second day here in Seattle at the Pegasus conference I’m starting to make the theoretical connections between the various sessions. Concepts like systems thinking, conversation as a radical act, personal relationships, organizational gestures, etc., are words to describe the current that charges our personal view of the world, and our place in it.

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Pegasus - It's about relationship

On Sunday evening I was supposed to go to a team learning workshop but instead attended, totally unintentional on my part, the “Building the Conference Community” session, presented by two very creative and friendly people, David Isaacs and Nancy Margulies.

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e-branch Updates: Book Pages converted to Pages

e-branch users:

As announced on LibIdaho on Oct. 2nd, today we're updating all e-branch library web sites, removing the "book page" option from the list of content types when you create new content for your site. Additionally we are converting all existing book pages to the "page" content type.

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New Training Events

We've announced it in other places, but it obviously is appropriate to announce it here:

There is a new round of training planned for e-branch in October!