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Don't let a physical limitation stop you from reading!  Audio books and magazines can be loaned free to any Idaho resident who is unable to read standard print, hold a book, or turn pages due to a temporary or permanent physical limitation.
This free service provides the following to registered users:
  • Books, magazines, and playback equipment
  • Materials mailed directly to and from the user via Free Matter for the Blind
  • Toll free number to contact the Talking Book Service
  • Resources to help select titles of interest
  • Online catalog for direct ordering
  • Ability to download digital titles

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Idaho Voter's Pamphlet now available

Listen to an audio version of the Idaho Voters’ Pamphlet.  This pamphlet contains information concerning constitutional amendment H.J.R. 2 that will appear on the November 4,2014 General Election ballot. Important information is included regarding registration, absentee ballots, and contact information for your county clerk.

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