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Don't let a physical limitation stop you from reading!  Audio books and magazines can be loaned free to any Idaho resident who is unable to read standard print, hold a book, or turn pages due to a temporary or permanent physical limitation.
This free service provides the following to registered users:
  • Books, magazines, and playback equipment
  • Materials mailed directly to and from the user via Free Matter for the Blind
  • Toll free number to contact the Talking Book Service (800-458-3271)
  • Resources to help select titles of interest
  • Online catalog for direct ordering
  • Ability to download digital titles

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What our users say:

Current users share what they like about the Talking Book Service.

I want to thank you for your wonderful service. My father was a WWII Bronze Metal Veteran that so enjoyed getting his books in the mail. This made his end times of life so much better. This service helped fill his days with enjoyment and also learning.

Thank you for keeping me entertained and educated.

I love the Talking Book Service and the great people organizing it.

I am so appreciative of this service and I pray you will be blessed full circle for the good you do to bless many lives.

This note is written on behalf of my grandmother who is 95 years old this month and has macular degeneration. She so much appreciates your service. Every time she gets her books on tape to listen to, she just lights up. Thank you for everything and having such a great service for those who cannot see. Thank you for making her smile.

I enjoyed this book. I lived in Butte from 1953-1958. Thanks for old memories.

This was my first book from your service. What a delight. Love your service. I hope you all know what a real blessing you are to us who get the books! Thank you Thank you Thank you

Thank you so much for your wonderful service. My hubby has been totally disabled and bedfast for over 3 years. Your tapes give him a lot of pleasure. His eyes were so bad he couldn’t watch TV. We really appreciate all you folks who do this great service. Yours truly.

Thank you for making this player and digital books available to my mother. Macular degeneration robbed her of her ability to read and enjoy movies, but (audio) books vividly told the stories. She enjoyed endless hours listening.

Thank you everyone who participated in providing mother with such a wonderful service. She would sit by the hour and listen to her books and laugh and cry and loved every one! Much thanks from the heart of a grateful daughter! Your service brought light to her darkened world!

I’m not sure which person to thank for all the kindness and help you have been to me!! I certainly appreciate all of you there. Such a blessing for me and others.

Thank you so much for the use of this machine and all of your wonderful help.

Up until his passing our father enjoyed hundreds of hours listening to books. Thank you for this great service.

Thank you for all the hours that you give for so many people like me-and God bless you!

Thank you for making life a little easier for people who cannot read.

My mom was so appreciative of the service you offered, and it had such an impact on the quality of her life as a legally blind person. She was always an avid reader before her sight declined, so she was so thankful for the talking-book program which enabled her to listen to books.

For many years as my mother’s hearing and visual acuity slowly diminished, the opportunity to listen to the various tapes occupied her interest. It was obvious she enjoyed many of the stories. Thanks so much for keeping her attention in the later years as she enjoyed these so much.

I am so appreciative of your help and the time and service that you give to people like me. You are very kind when I call about books. This has been a blessing for me.

We want to thank you so much for the books you are providing for us. They bring hours of enjoyment to my dad

"The last 3 years of my wife’s life, the Talking books were her life. She listened to about 3,079 books while on the program!"

"We cannot thank all of you enough for your wonderful service over the years. It has been outstanding. Your selection of books has been excellent. There are no words to express how grateful we are and tell you how much you are appreciated."

"Be assured that your service provided tremendous comfort and entertainment to my father for several years. He was thankful, and so are we, his family, for your support."

"Thank you so much for your wonderful service. My husband has really enjoyed your books."

"My mother passed away on November 2nd. Mom greatly enjoyed the ability to read books and to feel a part of the “normal” world of a seeing individual. Thank you for the invaluable service you provided and to others who are vision impaired. (Joan Peterson/Joyce Bennion)"

"In the past few months you have sent me Guidelines and Welcoming information in regard to the Talking Book Service and I wanted to express my gratitude for this service and the work of your staff. It has been 28 years since an accident removed much of my sight for reading and nerve and memory problems from an old accident. But I have always been a reader and still love the ideas of authors in spite of my problems seeing. Talking books has allowed me to read books that I’ve missed for these past decades."

"TBS has improved the quality of life for my 88 year old mother. She never stops talking about the recent books she's listened to and I can't thank you enough for this service!"

"Many thanks to the ICfL for offering this meaningful service. The staff was helpful when there were questions and delivery was always timely and convenient; the title lists were long and varied-there is definitely something for every listener’s interest. The titles were a major and almost sole source of entertainment and learning for my mother as her eyesight failed. (Pam Demo, Daughter)"

Thank you for the wonderful service, in particular the indefinite checkout of her Bible.

“THANK YOU” to all who have any part in sending out the books! I so appreciate listening to your books to fill up my long days and long nights!

Thank you so much; I enjoy these books. When I found out I was going blind I thought my life was over. With all the things available it isn’t so bad.

I use your service for many of my clients, especially those with depression and dementia. Your service has saved lives!

Thank you for the beautiful calendar, and all the special things you do for us

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