Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) Website Guidelines


  • inform the Idaho library community, Idaho residents, and interested individuals about agency services and programs;
  • inform Idahoans about the scope of library services available through Idaho libraries; and
  • support the library development needs of the Idaho library community.


  • Primary: Idaho library community
  • Secondary: All Idaho residents in their support of library services in the state.


  • ITA – Idaho Technology Authority, part of the Idaho Department of Administration, reviews and evaluates the information technology and telecommunications systems presently in use by state agencies, and establishes statewide IT and telecommunications policies, standards, guidelines and conventions assuring uniformity and compatibility of state agency systems.

Site Design

The ICfL Website design follows ITA Web Publishing Policy P-5010 (, Standard S-5120 (, and Guideline 310 ( to guide design and style.


Pages – Are created and/or administered by ICfL in support of ICfL programs and services. Files and links from ICfL Web pages are in support of ICfL programs and services.

 Social media (such as blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, etc.) – Are created to inform the Idaho library community of current news, events, and other information. Blog posts may include promotion of opportunities, events, and information not directly services or programs of ICfL, but in support of the agency’s mission.

Links and Requests for Additional Content

The ICfL reviews requests to include third party information, including links, on its website.  If the request is granted, the requester will be contacted.  ICfL does not participate in link swapping.


The ICfL is committed to making its website accessible to all users. Reasonable efforts are made to accommodate visitors to the site using enabling software or assistive devices. To meet this commitment, ICfL complies with the requirements of all applicable federal law.

External Links Disclaimer

Links to other Websites are for the convenience of visitors to and our primary customers. Links do not constitute any endorsement by the ICfL. These sites were initially visited before linking with them and are periodically checked. ICfL does not control their content, and that content may frequently change. If a link is found to be inactive or there are questions or concerns about a link, please contact the address on the page with the link or


Approved by Idaho Commission for Libraries Management Team June 19, 2018.
Guidelines to be reviewed annually.