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All Giving Is Very Necessary
Idaho COVID-19 Response Fund
National Ways to Give to Charity During the Coronavirus Crisis

During Coronavirus Outbreak, Virtual Doctor Visits Are Encouraged
Public health officials urge Americans to use telemedicine to help reduce the spread of coronavirus at doctors’ offices and to ease the burden on hospitals. What is telemedicine and how do you use it?

Do You Get Immunity After Recovering From a Case of Coronavirus?
Understanding the natural immune response to this virus is important for vaccine development.

Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently: Here’s How
A crisis on this scale can reorder society in dramatic ways, for better or worse. Here are 34 big thinkers’ predictions for what’s to come.

FAQs: Can I Go Running? Is Food Shopping Too Risky? What’s Herd Immunity
This is part of a series looking at pressing coronavirus questions of the week.

How Close Are We to a Vaccine or Drug?
Coronavirus is spreading around the world, but there are still no drugs that can kill the virus or vaccines that can protect against it.

A Visual Guide to the Pandemic
There are more than 340,000 confirmed cases worldwide. Europe is now the epicenter of the crisis and the U.S. is facing a surge in cases. This series of maps and charts will help you understand what is going on.

Reading for the Plague: a Syllabus
Bryan Alexander is a futurist who is covering the COVID-19 outbreak from his unique academic viewpoint.