Attend the National Conference on Summer Learning

The ICfL will reimburse you for the cost of the conference, travel, hotel, and per diem. Fill out the form below to get approved and learn next steps. Applications for this program are now closed.

The ICfL is excited to announce that we are able to send several Idaho library staff members to the National Conference on Summer Learning. This event is put on by the National Summer Learning Association, and it will be held in Washington, D.C., October 24 – 26, 2022. The ICfL will reimburse the cost of your travel, hotel, conference registration, and provide a per diem at the current state rate. In exchange, participants will be expected to attend a virtual debrief of the conference in November and provide content for future regional summer learning planning workshops. Applications for this opportunity are now closed.

You must get prior approval from the ICfL and agree to the terms of the reimbursement prior to registering for the conference. Just fill out the ICfL’s Pre-Event Application for Travel/Registration funds. Here are a few more things to know before you start:

  • Check out the ICfL Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement Guidelines for allowable expenses. Questions about this part? Contact Jennifer Redford
  • This conference will also allow for reimbursement of registration expenses and per diem at the current state rate.
  • After the conference is over, you must submit a Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement form for the event: . If you do not attend the event, you will not be eligible for a reimbursement.
  • Both individuals and organizations (libraries and schools) are eligible to apply for funds. The entity receiving funds must provide a W-9 with the Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement form after the event.
  • You will need to do a little bit of research on flights, mileage to and from the airport, baggage fees, how many nights you are staying, hotel costs, and the cost of registration. Check out the conference website for information about hotels and registration.

Finally, here are the official Program Participation Requirements:

  • Attend a virtual debrief after the conference in November 2022. Reasonable efforts will be made to find a date and time that works for the majority of participants.
  • Contribute to the content of regional summer learning workshops hosted by the ICfL by sharing tools, research, and resources from the conference.

Additional Program Details:

  • If your application is approved you will receive an email from the ICfL confirming your participation and funding for this conference. Do not register for the conference before receiving confirmation from the ICfL.
  • In addition to the Non-Employee Travel guidelines, approved participants will be eligible for reimbursement for registration fees and full per diem at the State of Idaho rate.
  • At this time, only two staff members from a library may apply to attend the conference. Libraries with multiple locations are limited to two attendees for the entire system.

If you have questions about the travel reimbursement application, allowable expenditures, or any other related questions, please contact Talela Florko, Grants/Contracts Officer, at, (208) 639-4158, or Jennifer Redford, Youth Services Consultant,, (208) 639-4147.

Jennifer Redford

Youth Services Consultant
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