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You may have noticed over the last few years that the Make It at the Library program has morphed and ICfL’s support of it has changed. Well, hold onto your glue guns and bits of code, because I have been working on a big transition for the program! 

The Idaho STEM Ecosystem (EcosySTEM) will be the new home for the Make It at the Library program- but with a twist! We all know making is better when you’re with others, so the EcosySTEM is launching a Maker Learning Idaho group via their Community Platform. 

Join us on Friday, May 31 at 11am MDT/ 10am PDT to remember the great things Make It at the Library did, hear about the transition, how to utilize the Community Platform to the fullest, and how the EcosySTEM plans to continue the enthusiasm of making in Idaho. 

Yours in making, 

Deana Brown & Trisha Mick 

Zoom link to join the online chat.

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