The Idaho Commission for Libraries works in partnership with the local community to promote and deliver services to people with special needs. The Talking Book Advisory Board supports this strategic initiative by utilizing the knowledge and expertise of information providers and users throughout the state to improve service to Idaho citizens who cannot read standard print or have other special needs.

March 2020 Meeting Minutes

State Librarian update
Member overview of their organizations
Workplan update
Scribe demonstration
TBS update

December 2019 Meeting Minutes

September meeting updates
TBS updates
Committee member updates
2020 meeting schedule

September 2019 Meeting Minutes
FY2018 Workplan review
FY2019 Workplan approval
Biennial survey review
BARD Flier
Student or parent member of committee
NLS updates
Member updates

June 2019: No meeting

March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Update from NLS Consultant Pamela Davenport

December 2018 Meeting Minutes

Chat discussion
TBS enhancement request
2019 meeting dates
Member updates

September 2018 Meeting Minutes

FY2018 Workplan review
FY2019 Workplan approval
Newsline promotion
NLS conference update
Website review
Member updates

June 2018: No meeting

March 2018 Meeting Minutes

Yes to TBS outreach
MOCA Pilot Project
TBS Updates
Member updates

September 2017 Meeting Minutes

TBS 2018 workplan
TBS outreach
TBS updates
Member updates

June 2017 Meeting Minutes

TBS user survey
Postal Carrier of the Year
TBS updates
Member updates

March 2017 Meeting Minutes

LSTA evaluation feedback
FY2018-2022 LSTA Plan input
TBS updates
Member updates

December 2016 Meeting Minutes

FY2017 Work Plan approval
Member updates

September 2016 Meeting Minutes

2017 Workplan discussion
National Library Service updates
Encouraging Braille readers discussion
TBS user survey
2015 Postal Carrier of the Year update
Member updates

June 2016: No meeting

March 2016 Meeting Minutes

Print/Braille Collection
Veteran Outreach
Public Service Announcement Statistics
BARD Updates
Unrated Books
BARD Outreach
Locally Recorded Book Conversion
Outreach to Other Audiences
2015 Postal Carrier of the Year
Member Updates

December 2015 Meeting Minutes

2016-2019 Vision statement
FY2016 Workplan
NLS Futures document
NLS Site Visit Recommendations
Member Updates
2016 Meeting schedule

September 2015 Meeting Minutes

Vision Review
FY2015 workplan review
FY2016 workplan goals
Revised loan guidelines review
NLS futures document
Committee updates

June 2015: No meeting

March 2015 meeting minutes

Users by county
Vision statement
Large print bookmark
Postal Carrier of the Year
Braille Readers are Leaders
TBS updates
Committee updates
Biennial Reader Survey

December 2014 meeting minutes

Postal carrier of the year follow-up
TBS locally recorded titles in BARD
FY2014 statistics
Discontinuation of cassette circulation
Member updates
2015 meeting schedule

September 2014: No meeting

June 2014 meeting minutes

Braille outreach
NLS Conference overview
FY2015 Action Plan
Large Print outreach
Postal Carrier of the Year update
FY2015 members

March 2014 meeting minutes

Postal carrier of the year selection
Member updates
Outreach opportunities
BARD actin plan review
NLS updates

December 2013 meeting minutes

Postal carrier of the year
Online catalog
NLS updates
BARD action plan
FY2013 statistics
Member updates
2014 meeting schedule

September 2013: No meeting

June 2013 meeting minutes

Postal Carrier of the Year update
Online catalog feedback
National Library Service site visit information
Western Conference conference information
Overdue National Library Service magazine cartridges

March 2013 meeting minutes

Postal Carrier of the Year update
Review of Good Standing and User Bill of Rights documents
Biennial survey review/next steps
BARD database feedback
BARD action plan update
Member updates