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 October 8-14, 2017

“Unleash Your Story” means anything goes, so the criteria are short and sweet.
Register your library to participate and earn books for your library collection. 

Participation Requirements:

  • Celebrate Teen Read Week anytime during October 2017.
  • All publicly funded school and public libraries in Idaho can participate
  • Registration closed on 9/30/2017.
  • Complete final survey/summary.

Idaho Libraries will earn current, hardback books based on the following criteria:

1.     1 book for every 10 books read by teens during Teen Read Week (Maximum 5 books per library)
2.     1 book for hosting a Teen Read Week activity
3.     1 book for completing the final survey
4.     1 book for every post by a teen on library social media tool (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) about why reading is fun or a fun book they have read (Maximum 5 books per library)
Note: Maximum 12 hardback books per library. Books will be mailed the first week of December.

Why is it important to celebrate?
For a lot of reasons! Teens have so many options for entertainment, so it's important to remind them to spend time reading for pleasure: it's free, fun, and can be done anywhere! Research shows that teens who read for fun have better test scores and are more likely to succeed in the workforce. Also, it's a great chance to let your school or your public library communities know how important teen services are! Let teens know the possibilities that exist within your doors, and within the covers of books.

This project is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

Find free downloads, book lists and more at YALSA's TRW website http://teenreadweek.ning.com/ 
Want more information? Contact Tammy Hawley-House or Sue Walker.

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