The Idaho Commission for Libraries assists libraries to build the capacity to better serve their communities.  One way of building capacity is to equip each library board and trustee with resources necessary to help fulfill the responsibilities
of the office.

A governing board of trustees sets library policy; sets and oversees the library’s budget; hires, supervises, evaluates, and works as a team with the library’s director; and makes sure that its community is well represented and informed about the library.  There is much for anyone in the role of public library trustee to learn. Below are some important resources to review to assist any trustee in maximizing his or her performance.

Resources for Trustees


Continuing Education Grants for Trustees

Information about continuing education grants available for trustee training through ICfL.


District Library Elections

2018 District Library Elections Timeline

2018 District Library Elections - FAQs


Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Idaho Counties Risk Management Program, ICRMP PowerPoint overview includes exempt and non-exempt worker definitions, penalties for non-compliance, records, travel, training, and volunteers. (Source:

ICfL Library Consultants

Access your area field consultant ICfL who can provide orientation for new board members and guide them to resources to help them fulfill their legal responsibilities. Learn More

Consulting Area Map

 ICfL Trustee LibGuide

Online guide which covers the wide range of training topics for trustees of Idaho public libraries.


The purpose of the ICfL Idaho Trustee Manual for public libraries is to provide a convenient and reliable information source for current and prospective trustees and library directors on issues concerning public libraries and boards of trustees.

Idaho Library Laws

Idaho Library Laws, published by ICfL, contains Idaho code regarding public libraries, library districts, and trustees. Read Entire Manual.

Idaho Open Meeting Law Manual

Idaho Code sections 74-201 through 74-208: July 2018

Poverty Discussion

Online webinar discussing the impact of poverty on library services.

Internet Use in Public Libraries

Guide for setting policies regarding Internet use in the public library.

State of Idaho's Libraries

This 20 minute video highlights the valuable work that Idaho libraries are doing and offers a statewide perspective on the important role of libraries. Comment on the overview at

Trustees' Roles and Responsibilities

A quick guide to the roles and responsibilities for public library trustees.

Trustee Short Takes

A series of 10 short videos produced by United for Libraries which cover "Board Basics" and the important role that Trustees play in the governance of their libraries. Need access? Contact your Public Library Field Consultant.

Trustee Toolkit: Hiring a New Director

Resources for public library trustees when faced with the important task of hiring a new leader to run their library.