Welcome to the Idaho Commission for Libraries' Guide for Boards of Trustees

One of the most democratic of American political traditions is to give the legal authority for the operation of public agencies to boards made up of members of the general public. Thank you for your willingness to serve as a trustee on your local public library board. The public library in its general make-up is a very democratic institution. It is open to all, but no one is forced to use it. The principle that lies behind it is that given an opportunity, people can learn on their own and they can decide for themselves. As a public library trustee, you have the vital role of ensuring the continuance of this democratic principle. It is my hope that this guide will assist you as you build the library's ability to serve your community. Ann Joslin State Librarian

Table of Contents

Intellectual Freedom
Trustee Roles and Governance
Legal Roles and Responsibilities
Trustee Appointments and Elections
Board Vacancies
Annual Calendar of Events
Board Bylaws
Golden Rules for Board Members
Board Governance Model
The Board Meeting
General Information

Guidelines for Board Chair

Agenda Development

Idaho's Open Meetings Law
Taking Minutes
Planning for the Future
Planning Process Elements

The Written Plan
Library Facilities
Working Relationship with Director
Working Relationship with Staff
Working Relationship with Friends of the Library
Director Performance Appraisal
Performance Management

Components of Performance
Performance Appraisal Procedure
Employment Laws
Financial Statements
Financial Statement Sample - Income

Financial Statement Sample - Expenditures
Policy Development
Nuts and Bolts of Creating Policy
Policy Manual

Policy Review
Community and Public Relations
Public Relations
Public Relations Policy

Getting the Message Out
Needs Assessment
Do you know your community?
Annual Statistical Report
Resources - Found at the bottom of each section