Held recently chatted with Governor Little at the post office dedication in Payette.

John Held, a member of the board of library commissioners for the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) since 2009, was recently appointed by Governor Little to the southwest Idaho board seat for the ICfL. This move opens up Held’s former board seat, representing Idaho’s 1st Congressional District. For more on that vacancy, please visit:  https://libraries.idaho.gov//icfl-seeks-to-fill-vacant-seat-on-its-board/

John is chairman of the ICfL board and served for more than 14 years as a trustee of the Payette Public Library. John’s experience, along with his practical knowledge of library operations, are a tremendous asset to the ICfL.

We also enjoy John’s gracious and affable nature. He helps promote libraries, both at the local level and throughout the Gem State. We at the ICfL look forward to John’s continued work on behalf of the Commission and Idaho’s libraries.