The Special Projects Library Action Team (SPLAT), sponsored by the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL), has a vacancy to fill! ICfL is currently soliciting applications from individuals working in the Idaho library community to serve a three-year term on SPLAT. We need representatives from all types of libraries, especially academic and school libraries, from throughout the state, especially central and south-central Idaho.

What are the criteria to serve?

  1. Employed by a publicly-funded library in Idaho.
  2. Willing to provide time to research trends and innovations in library services, as well as share that knowledge with the Idaho library community through a variety of venues.
  3. Have the support and approval of your supervisor, library, and/or Board of Directors.
  4. Complete the online application by March 27, 2020.
  5. Ability to meet 2-3 times during the year (ICfL will reimburse travel costs).
  6. Demonstrate a passion for librarianship, innovation, and change.
  7. View librarianship from a statewide perspective – the 25,000 foot level!

The SPLAT team is composed of a diverse group of Idaho librarians. We are seeking to have representation from all geographic areas, all types of libraries, and all sizes of libraries, and individuals who are in differing stages of their career. This diversity brings strength to the group and allows the group to address the multitude of needs that are found within our highly diverse community.

Thank you for considering this service opportunity! If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact Dylan Baker by email at or call 208-639-4167 or 1-800-458-3271.