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This program ended in May 2019.

The Fun with Math & Science program began in 2012 as a way to supplement Every Child Ready to Read early literacy workshops with early STEM learning. It eventually became more popular than Every Child Ready to Read and libraries began offering a range of high quality STEM programs for young learners. As the life cycle of this program ends, library staff across Idaho continue to offer STEM learning and the resources from Fun with Math & Science will continue to be available on the STEAM for Early Learners Resources Page.


Project Overview

Fun with Math & Science is a Read to Me program offered to publicly-funded Idaho public libraries. This STEAM program is targeted to preschool-aged children and their caregivers. An application process is used for participation.  Workshops are STEAM-based and tailored to fit each host library’s need. Examples might include: a one time theme-based family program, a series of storytime-like programs, or a drop in program with STEAM stations.

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