As announced for the past several months, ICfL is no longer purchasing a statewide subscription to TumbleBooks Library for public libraries. Our former subscription expired June 30, 2019, and your patrons are no longer able to access the TumbleBooks Library from the links established previously (unless your library opted to continue a subscription independently).

We have, however, worked out an arrangement with TumbleBooks to provide “TumbleBooks of the Day” for Idaho.

Idahoans visiting this link will be able to view one TumbleBook picture book, one TumbleBook math book, one TumbleBook game, and one TumbleBook in Spanish each day. This site is customized for Idaho in regard to the “Fun Facts” provided each day: Idaho’s fun facts are actually parent/caregiver tips to help children be ready for kindergarten. There is a new “fact” each day, along with an activity.

There are no restrictions about who can access the daily books, or from where they can access them; parents, library staff, teachers, caregivers, day care providers, etc. can access the link from home, the library, school, personal devices… No authentication needed!

For more FAQ’s on TB of the Day, as well as website and Facebook banners for you to upload, please visit the TB of the Day homepage at:

If your website is hosted through e-Branch (ICfL), Edgar Correa has already updated your e-Branch skin to include the new banner and link.

We are very appreciative of the opportunity TumbleBooks provided us with this new platform, and hope your patrons enjoy accessing these free e-books each day.

Questions? Please contact Staci Shaw, Jennifer Redford or Kristina Taylor.

Kristina Taylor

Kristina Taylor

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