The free, onlineSupplemental Alternative Basic Library Education Supplemental Alternative Basic Library Education (SABLE) program provides additional resources in library knowledge and skills for staff members who have no formal education in library science. This program is a supplement to the ABLE courses.  The SABLE program is not designed to replace university level training in library science and no college credit is offered. At the end of each course you will be asked to complete a final course survey.  Upon completion of the survey you may print a personalized Certificate of Completion which will serve as documentation for completion of the course.  These Certificates of Completion are the only documentation available for completion of this series.Competencies supported by the SABLE courses.

SABLE Courses

Youth Services Sequence

The content for the Youth Services Sequence is an interactive learning module divided into individual sections. As you complete each section, you will be asked to open the next section. After completing the final quiz in the last section, you will be prompted to complete a short survey which will provide access to a fillable/printable "Certificate of Completion" for your continuing education records.  This is the only documentation available for completing the Youth Services Sequence. Early Childhood Services (3 contact hours)

Library Services for Children, Ages 6-12 (3 contact hours)  

Young Adult (YA) Services (2 contact hours)  

Special Courses

  1. Interlibrary Loan (1 contact hour)
  2. Merchandising (1.5 contact hours)
  3. Projet Planning - The Project Purpose Statement (15 minutes)  NEW
  4. TBS Overview - learn about TBS and eligibility (6.5 minutes) NEW
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  • Click here for a list of states which accept these courses for their continuing education programs.
  • Questions or comments may be directed to the Idaho Commission for Libraries' Continuing Education Consultant at (208) 334-2150.  

This project is funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.