A collection of learning resources to help direct your library career pursuit. This links collection is comprised of formal education links, self-directed learning links, library courses provided by professional organizations, and various other resources.


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College of Southern Idaho Associate of Arts Degree in Library Science
Idaho School Media Endorsement Teacher-Librarian


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Education and Careers American Library Association
Library Science Degrees Includes scholarships and grants


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Library Support Staff Certification Program ALA
Certified Public Library Administrator  American Library Association

The following links will take you to a wide variety of self-directed learning opportunities. Some items you will need to register for and others are available 24/7. Bookmark this page so you can check for new resources.


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 Monthly Free Online CE Monthly posts via WebJunction
ALA Online Learning American Library Association
ALA Toolkits Complied list of various library-related toolkits
Collection Development Arizona
Collection Development for School Librarians Resources for School Librarians
Collection Development for Spanish Language Materials Diana Miranda – Texas
Competencies Complied list of various library-related competencies