The ICfL is making virtual conferencing equipment (webcams and/or headsets) available to Idaho library community members. These virtual conference kits are available on a first-come, first-served basis to applicants who can show a need for them.

The goal of making virtual conference kits available is to increase the equitable participation of Idaho library community members in ICfL sponsored continuing education activities, trainings, or other virtual learning and collaboration opportunities.

To apply for a virtual conference kit, click the link below.

Details & Limitations:

  • Virtual conference kits are only available to staff working in publicly-funded libraries located in Idaho. This includes public libraries, school libraries, academic libraries, and special libraries if a substantial portion of their funding comes from public taxes.
  • Applicants can apply for a webcam or headset or both as long as they can demonstrate the need.
  • Applicants are applying on behalf of their library. If approved, the virtual conference kit equipment will be mailed to the applicant’s library. After the needed event, the library can use the equipment to attend other ICfL events or professional development activities.
  • The webcam and headset are both Logitech® products and each use a USB-A port.

Questions? Contact Annie Gaines (