CSLPDear Idaho Summer Library Program Planners,

Please read this statement regarding the 2020 Artwork from the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP). As the State Representative to CSLP for Idaho, I apologize in advance for any trouble this presents as you are planning and purchasing for this summer.

The 2020 artwork was created by award-winning LeUyen Pham and includes imagery representing folk and fairy tales from many different cultures. Native American images, specifically coyote, raven, and a totem, were displayed in all four posters. Though the intent was to be inclusive, the use of these images as “folk” or “fairy tales” conflicts with the history, sacred imagery, and symbolism of the Indigenous community. ICfL reached out to the Idaho Department of Indian Education, and they reiterated that the imagery as displayed in the posters is mis-used and disrespectful.

CSLP asks that libraries honor the attached statement and not display any of the posters that have Native symbols, if you have already purchased them.

Next steps:

  • The online manual files have been updated to remove any clip art or reproducible that features Native symbols. CSLP has also updated the online shop. If you would like a refund on any posters you’ve already received, details on how to obtain that are in the attached statement.
  • Note that all four posters as well as any other art containing those images have been removed from the online store and the online manual/artwork downloads. CSLP developed a replacement poster and reading log, and those are available now.
  • The ICfL purchases up to 4 posters per library each year. With only one design choice this year, we will purchase four of those for each library. If your library does not wish to receive posters, just reply to this email and let us know. Our original online order form (included in your manual package) has been disabled.
  • If your library has already purchased posters or other artwork containing these images, it is up to your organization to decide whether or not you want to use the original posters. If you prefer to not use them in light of this information, instructions for returning/exchanging them are also included in the attached statement.
  • For further information & to reflect, take a look at the Guide to Selecting Anti-Bias Children’s Books.

State Librarian Stephanie Bailey-White, the Youth Services Team, and other ICfL management and staff have been involved in these discussions and are aware of the next steps. We encourage you to continue to plan your summer library programming with the “Imagine Your Story” theme, if that was your original intent. There are many high-quality resources available through the www.cslpreads.org “Shop” site to support that program.

CSLP is implementing a more transparent process for artwork review in the coming years. We at ICfL continue to encourage Idaho library staff to volunteer and serve on CSLP committees, because it is truly a volunteer-driven organization that relies on the voices of its members.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Staci Shaw, Youth Services Consultant and CSLP State Representative.