Program Logistics

The following resources are provided to help librarians design and carry out a successful LTAI discussion program. We suggest that librarians new to the LTAI program begin with the LTAI Library Handbook. Long-time LTAI librarians are encouraged to review this handbook as well, as it has been updated significantly!

Library Report Form

Libraries must submit a final report at the conclusion of their LTAI program. This report will be completed online using the link below. For libraries who have participated in LTAI in previous years, please note that all components of library reporting have now been combined into one form. Information entered into the form cannot be saved. We recommend reviewing the questions prior to completing the form and drafting your responses in Word or other software first.

We strongly recommend that participating libraries review the questions on final report prior to starting their program. This will ensure you are collecting the information you need for each session.

Promotional and Outreach Materials (Updated for 2021)

  • PR Materials information and instructions (PDF) – Additional detailed information about the PR materials and how to use them.
  • Promotional Ideas Checklist (PDF)
  • Theme Content (Redirects to the “Themes and Books” page). Customizable templates for brochures and bookmarks are available for each theme on the “Themes and Books” Page, and can be located in the list of documents included below each theme description.
  • Poster Menu (PDF) – Print-quality files are available for each poster. Please note that, due to their large file size, poster files need to be sent by email. Please contact Josie ( to request these files.
  • LTAI Sponsor Handout (PDF) Make sure that the program sponsors are acknowledged at each discussion session and in your promotional efforts. This handout provides additional, vetted information about all the program sponsors. You can hand it out, read it aloud, or adapt the information for inclusion in press releases and other promotional efforts.
  • LTAI Sponsor Banner (PNG file) This banner contains the combined logos of all four program sponsors in their approved formats and proportions.