All audio book and magazine titles added to the Talking Book Service collection are in digital format.  The digital books are available on a cartridge and can also be downloaded from BARD, an online database.  Listen to a short overview of BARD and BARD Mobile. Active TBS users must create an account in order to search and download books from BARD.

Purchased players:

Purchased players are available that will play titles on cartridge or downloaded from BARD.  Some players allow the user to perform other tasks or access other resources such as Learning Ally. This list, maintained by the National Library Service, lists many models, their functionalities, prices, and manufacturer information. Users must register a purchased player and upload software before it will play the digital titles.

BARD Supplies:

NLS compatible cartridges and extension cables can be purchased from several sources.  The Talking Book Service does not sell cartridges to users, but will loan one 4GB cartridge and an extension cable to users registered for BARD..